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You are welcome to review my pricing. Because there are so many options offered, it might be easier for you to simply contact me first and ask about pricing for the services you are needing.

Images / Prints / Canvas / Other Products

Now that we have created some beautiful images for you...  

We offer numerous options for viewing your proofs and ordering beautiful prints on the highest quality paper or stunning large canvas prints, and other great products.   You may also purchase digital images.  Remember for portraits and headshots, there are special package offers that you might want to consider.

When you order any image as a print or as a digital image, there is an Image Preparation Fee that applies.  This fee is only applied once per image. For example, if you order an 11x14 and two 8x10's of the same image, you only pay the Image Preparation once for that particular image.   For any portrait/headshot package deals, Image Preparation may be included for a certain number of images, so check the details for the specific package.

Turnaround Time

After your session, the proofs are usually made available within about a week (sometimes less, depending on how busy we are).   Then you may review the proofs by either viewing them online, or you may book a time to come by the studio to view them.   If you place your order within two weeks after viewing the proofs, you may take advantage of various special discount packages we offer.  After that, our Standard A La Carte Pricing applies.

Once you have made your selection, and place your order, you will be provided an invoice for the total amount due.  Upon receipt of payment, we will work on fulfilling your order.  

Order fulfillment turnaround time really depends on various factors.  Our number one priority is to provide high quality images and prints.  Typically, orders are fulfilled within about two weeks.  If you order canvas prints, it may take about three weeks.  These times can vary, just depending on the time of year and how busy we are, but we really try to not have you wait more than three weeks for any order!   (We know you're anxious to see your beautiful photographs!)   

If you need work done ASAP, we can sometimes accommodate.  Read about RUSH service.


Proofs are samples of the best images taken during the session.

      Web access to proofs
Available for a period of one month
  Proof Viewing/Selection at our Studio 
Done at the time of the session, OR arrange a time to meet us at the Studio to review your proofs, make selections, ask questions, etc.
      Printed "Proof Sheet" 
(multiple small images on 8 1/2 x 11" page)
      8x10 Proof Print  
Imprinted with "Proof" & Copyright Notice
(Useful if you wish to preview a retouched image in a larger size prior to ordering a large print.)


Image Preparation and Retouching
Image Preparation Fee

(Applies to every image you wish to purchase whether as a print or as a digital image, unless it was already included in a Special Package price)



To ensure the very best image quality, chosen prints and digital images each require a per image Preparation Fee of $35 which includes basic image retouching, cropping, and enhancements to remove facial blemishes etc. More advanced editing and retouching is available at $100/hr.
Large Group Image Preparation Fee (5 or more people)

For groups of more than 4 people, a higher image preparation fee applies, which covers more retouching that is often required simply because there are more faces in the photograph.

Image Variations
If you wish to purchase variations of an image, for example:
- Alternate digital cropping $35/image
- Image border or text (e.g. your name) $35/image
- Logo Imprint $35/image
- Conversion to B&W or sepia tone $35/image
- Various Creative Filters applied $35/image
- More advanced editing and variations are available $100/hour
Advanced Retouching
This includes more advanced editing and major retouching such as adding or removing objects from a photograph or "taking a few pounds off" (slimming), etc.  
Photo Restoration
If you have an old photograph that is scratched, torn, or water-damaged, a restored image will be created from your original.  Your original will be returned along with the restored image. For more info, click here:  Photograph Restoration
Chromakey / Background Elimination or Replacement

I also offer photography against a "chromakey" background (blue or green screen) for use in removing and substituting the background of an image.  This is often useful for commercial and advertising purposes and for special effects.   For Chromakey work, add $25/image to make a transparent background or to substitute a different background. Include an additional $20/image to replace the background with an additional different image.  Depending on the nature of the photography, and image complexity, additional work may be done at $100/hr.  Please contact me for a consultation.   Additional background substitutions may be done at $10/image for just a solid color or gradient background or $20/image for photograph image backgrounds (instead of a solid color).


background removal/replacement $35/image


replace background with
additional images

Once the image preparation and retouching is completed, you may choose any combination of the following:


I provide high quality custom Color or B&W with various finish and mounting options: 

          Per Print
  8 Wallet Prints $30
  4x5 or 4x6 $10
  5x7 $18
  8x10 $35
  8x12 $40
  11x14 $65
  16x20 $110
  20x20 $140
  20x30 $170
  24x24 $170
  24x36 $220
  30x30 $220
  30x40 $270
  NOTE: Add the $35 per-image Image Preparation Fee 
to each image selected.)
  Mount on Mat board, 2mm Styrene, or 1/4" Foamboard  Add 30%
  Mount on 1/8" Masonite Add 35%
  Lustre Spray Coating Add 10%
  Framing Inquire

Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints

Images are printed on high quality canvas and the canvas is then stretched onto a wooden frame and stapled in back.  Finished product comes with mounting hardware.
Options include:  Standard Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas, Museum Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas, Museum Wide Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas..

Gallery Wrap
Gallery Wrap
  8x10 inquire about pricing    
  Specialty sizes are also available.
  NOTE: Add the $35 per-image Image Preparation Fee 
to each image selected.
Additional Canvas Options
      Digital "Painting" Effect on Canvas
We offer the option of digital brush stroke enhancements of the photograph imprinted on canvas, giving it the appearance of a traditional oil painting.   
Add $110
      Genuine Hand-Painted Portraiture - Oil or Watercolor
You can order your photograph as a genuine hand-painted work of art, created as an oil or water color painting.  This is not a digitial simulation of a painting.  This is a true oil or water color painting done by a professional portrait artist.
Plus a wide range of other custom wall print display options!
Inquire for details since this is all custom processed for the highest quality presentation.


Digital Images

* When you receive a digital image, you will also receive a license granting you usage rights for printing and reproducing the image.   Images are all Copyright (c) Kevin Gourley Photography.

Digital Images 
Portraits - Headshots - Senior Photos - Model/Talent Portfolios 

Low Resolution Digital Image - Only Available on Orders of $250 or more!
  (for web/email/FaceBook etc. use only, 480x600)
  Personal or business headshot use only
High Resolution Digital Image
  Personal or business headshot use only
  Each additional image $45/image
  All other commercial advertising use - less than 40,000 copies $80/image
  All other commercial advertising use - more than 40,000 copies inquire
Additional version of Digital Image with alternate cropping, 
border, name imprint, background change, convert to B&W, etc.)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Add the per-image
Image Preparation Fee 
to each image selected (above).
Depending on rights assigned to client, additional fees may apply

Digital Images
Artwork Reproduction Images
- Color Corrected

$35/image for flat artwork
$65/image for 3D artwork such as sculptures
+ Session Fee  

  Contact Kevin for more information

Digital Images
Product, Commercial, Architectural, Real Estate Photographs

Depends on rights assigned to client. 

  Contact Kevin for more information

Digital Images
Event Photographs

High Resolution Digital Images from Event (Provided on CD(s) or DVD(s)) $400/event
Medium Resolution Digital Images from Event (Provided on CD(s) or DVD(s)) 
  sufficient for high quality 4x6 prints only (300ppi)
NOTE: There is no Image Preparation Fee for Event Photographs (only).  Images are not retouched.   Remember to add Session Fees and Location Fees.

Digital Image Delivery on USB Stick (Flash Drive) or via Web Download or Email

When you order digital images, they may be delivered to you:

Email Delivery of JPG Files
This is the standard option for a small number of files.
No Additional Charge
Web High Resolution Image Download Option
Images are made available for download for a period of one month via a private web address.  (If you wish to use this web download option and opt to not receive a USB Stick, then you don't need to pay the shipping/handling fee for the USB Stick.)
No Additional Charge
Digital Images on USB Stick (Flash Drive)
This is the alternative delivery medium for digital images you order, if you would like an actual USB Flash Drive instead of using email or web download.
Additional Duplicate USB Stick (for backup purposes) Add $25/drive


Method: You may pay by Check, Cash, or Pay Online with PayPal, or with a credit card.    
Booking Fee: A Booking Fee is required in order to book a photo session. See Booking Fee section for more information about the Booking Fee.
Discounts: Discounts may not be combined with other offers unless the discount specifically states that it may be combined.
Sales Tax: 8.25% Texas Sales Tax applies to all photographic services and products.
Shipping/Handling: All mailed orders will have a shipping/handling fee added.
Orders: Please try to place your print/image order within 2 weeks of the proofs being posted online.  
Payments: Orders will be fulfilled usually within 7-10 business days after receiving payment in full. (Rush processing is available.)
Session Fees and any other applicable fees pertaining to the Session are due within fifteen (15) days of the Session. The Booking Fee is applied to reduce the total cost and then you pay the balance due. When you place an Order (example: for images or prints), payment for the Session and Order is due prior to fulfillment of the Order. 
Copyright: Kevin Gourley Photography retains the Copyrights © to all images. It is ILLEGAL to copy or reproduce these photographs elsewhere without a written license from Kevin Gourley Photography, and violators will be subject to criminal and civil penalties under Federal Law.