Why Choose Kevin Gourley Photography?

Here are some things to consider in making your choice:

There are a lot of photographers in town...

In fact, with each new day, you have even more choices! That's because these days there are photography hobbyists every day who are buying digital cameras and an inkjet printer and declaring they are now "professional photographers!" They then set up a low cost website, convert their garage or spare bedroom into a studio and voila, they are "professional". Some of them are even fairly good, but some are not. They may not have a real studio, with a dressing room, and hair/makeup area, or backup equipment, or be insured, or have much real photographic experience. How do you choose? Is it really a matter of just comparing prices?? No. There is more to photography than just owning a camera. It's more than just pressing a button.


I am known by many, even among other professional photographers, for the quality of my work. I strive for excellence in all that I do! I back that up by sharing a wide range of examples of my photography right here on my website so that you can see my style and the quality of my imagery. Judge for yourself.


I have been in love with the art and science of photography for over 49 years, and we have been in business for over 20 years. Drawing from my years of experience, I am able to take on most any photographic challenge and create excellent results. I also have taught many photography workshops over the years, and have educated many pro photographers in the Austin area.

Light and Composition

Many people have praised my work on my use of light and composition. To me, photography is in essence "painting with light", and thus light is a key component. Look carefully at my work. You will see the difference in my lighting. Some photographers just focus on composition and their lighting is flat and boring. They disregard the huge importance of excellence in lighting!

Something You Truly Value

Our family photographs are often among our most cherished possessions. Think about this: Of your major purchases over the past year, how many of those "things" will still have any value at all 30 years from now? When your kids are grown and then they have their own kids, will anything you purchased today even be remembered then? The one exception is a photograph. Most people say that if their home was burning down, they would try to rush in and save their photographs. I appreciate the fact that the service I am providing is something that will be valued and cherished for generations and thus it matters a lot to me that I create the best work possible, simply because it matters so much to you.

Your Needs Matter!

Your needs matter to me! I listen carefully to your needs and try to accommodate what you care about! Do you feel uncomfortable about your complexion or weight? There are many things I can do in my photography and retouching to address whatever your concern might be. Or if you want to do something creatively different, I am more than happy to work with you to create a photograph you will love!


Photographers vary widely in price, and they vary widely in quality. I have focused my business on creating outstanding images rather than the cheapest price. I do offer specials to give you even greater value, but always my focus is on the quality of my work, so that you get the best quality for the price.


I offer lots of options! You can come to my full service studio, or I can come to you, or we can meet at a location of your choosing! My photography is not "cookie cutter" everyone-looks-the-same studio photography. Let's get creative and produce unique and beautiful photographs!

Prepared To Do The Job

Some photographers simply buy a camera and say they are a "professional." In my offering my services as a professional, I back that up with the experience and the equipment and resources to do the job. I have a complete studio with dressing room. I have high quality lighting and photographic equipment, and redundant backup equipment. If something fails, I can keep on shooting! When requested, I can arrange for hair/makeup artist services to be available right at my studio or on location. Plus I am insured (which sometimes is required by some commercial employers). I am truly prepared to do the job!

People Are Saying...

I encourage you to simply read what people are saying about my photography, and judge for yourself:


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