Kevin Gourley Photography - RUSH Service


When You Need it NOW

Sometimes you encounter a situation where you suddenly need a headshot or other type of photography done, on short notice.   That's the way "life" happens!   If you find yourself in that predicament, I can sometimes accommodate rush service, even same day or next day service. 

Of course, I charge extra for this, but if you have an emergency, I'm ready with my fire extinguisher (so to speak). Contact me for more details.  I'm willing to help you with your "crisis"!

Important: let me know prior to booking a service if you need instant turnaround!

If you need to schedule a session quickly, and our schedule is full, we might still be able to fit you in as an early morning, or evening session, or over the lunch hour, or maybe a weekend.  Added RUSH service fees apply and may vary depending on the situation, how busy we are, and how much arrangements we have to make to accommodate the rush service.

If you need to book a session immediately, the session fee would be $240 minimum. If you need to book a session the next day, the session fee would be $180 minimum.

Also, our normal turnaround after you place an order is 7-10 business days.   We can sometimes work overnight or force-fit a RUSH job into our schedule after hours, when possible.   Again, added RUSH fees apply for that also.   Please inquire for details before booking!  We can't always guarantee rush service, but if you let us know up front, we can let you know if we can make it happen for you, and quote a price for the service!