Photograph Restoration

Yes! I offer photograph restoration services. Do you have an old photograph that is damaged? water stained? torn? scratched? portions of the image gone?? I can fix that!

I realize some your photographs are your priceless treasures. I treat your image with the utmost care, and strive to produce a faithful restoration that you may enjoy for many more years, using the highest quality archival printing processes.

Even if it is an image that you feel is "unfixable," feel free to contact me and we can talk about it, and line up a time to bring it by my studio, and we can assess what can be done to restore it.

Your original damaged print can be of any size and condition. I use all-digital photo restoration and reproduction techniques and ensure your original image will not be damaged in the process. A new print is made, ensuring the oriignal image is safe and not subject to risks of damage.

Warning: If you ever encounter anyone doing restoration work that actually modifies the original damaged print using any media such as colored pencils, ink, pigments, or paint, you run the risk of further damaging the image. The colors they might add to the print will likely shift in color over time at a different rate than the underlying photograph, meaning it might even look good now, but it 5, 10, or 20 years, it could look terrible.

Client Comments

Photo Restoration Prices

Contact me to arrange a meeting to assess your photograph's damage so that I can make a better estimate of what is required to restore it.

Image Scanning/Photographing and Restoration

Print / Image Pricing

Once your image has been converted to digital format and restored, I can provide the image via email as a JPG file or on CD, or I can provide ultra premium luster prints or beautiful canvas prints at my standard print pricing.

Digitally Restored Image via Web Download: $25/image + tax

Prints or Canvas: Ultra premium luster prints range from $10 up to $200.  Beautiful canvas prints range from $150 and up.


Sales Tax:  8.25% Sales Tax is applied to all Texas (TX) orders.
Shipping:    Based on order size.
Prices subject to  change without  notice.