Headshot Formats

Headshots may be formatted in a variety of ways, both horizontal and vertical, color or black and white, with names imprinted in the image or in the border. 


Hear is an example headshot taken in vertical format, 
proportioned as an 8x10 image:

Here is the same image cropped in a very tight 10x8 horizontal format:

Or here is the same headshot in black and white:


Names may be imprinted directly into the image:

Lower Left Borderless - Color

 Lower Left Borderless - B&W


A border may be added to the image, and names can be imprinted into the border.  This is an example with a white border:

 Lower Right White Border - Color

Lower Right White Border - B&W


And here it is with a black border:

Lower Right Black Border - Color

Lower Right Black Border - B&W